DUTCH 6-13yo Rejoice in Jehovah JW Activity Book

DUTCH 6-13yo Rejoice in Jehovah JW Activity Book

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"Rejoice in Jehovah" JW Circuit Assembly with Branch Representative 2020/21
Notebook for Children 6-13 years old.
This 16 page notebook is great for helping children concentrate and retain what they learn while doing the fun activities for every talk, such as code breakers, fill in the gaps etc.

Upon purchase, you can immediately download the PDF (no book is sent out) and print as many copies as you need for your own family & gifts (friends will need to purchase their own). 
(PDF does not print from an ipad or phone, only a computer)

Being printed in only black and white not only makes it cheaper to print but also gives children the opportunity to add to the pictures and color them in.

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