ENGLISH 6-13yo March-June Bible Reading Worksheet Subscription PDF
ENGLISH 6-13yo March-June Bible Reading Worksheet Subscription PDF
ENGLISH 6-13yo March-June Bible Reading Worksheet Subscription PDF
ENGLISH 6-13yo March-June Bible Reading Worksheet Subscription PDF

ENGLISH 6-13yo March-June Bible Reading Worksheet Subscription PDF

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Weekly Bible Reading is very important in keeping ourselves spiritually strong.
I have made these worksheets for children, to help them develop a love of bible reading and see the joy that can come from personal study (approx 2-3 pages a week).
They have been designed so that children are able to fill out the weekly worksheets on their own. It is my hope that they will be encouraged to want to give an answer at the meeting by sharing "what spiritual gems they found", using the comment sheet that is also included.

(You can buy either one month at a time or for more convenience you can buy a subscription. The subscription finishes at the end of June 2020. You can start the subscription any month during the year and the price will be adjusted accordingly eg. if you start subscription in March, you will only pay for 3 months).
You will receive each months worksheets just before the month begins.
Please be sure that the email address you want the worksheets sent to is the same as the email address that you enter at checkout, otherwise please include a note with the correct email address.

For less than $1USD a week, it is very affordable and you can print as many copies as you need for your own family (friends will need to purchase their own). 

The subscription for 2020 is only for 6 months.  This is because some of the content in the second half of the year looks just too hard to do to make it child appropriate etc.  There will be weeks where there are some great things for kids to learn, so occasionally I will make worksheets for these.  I will notify you if this is the case, so you don't miss out.

SPECIAL OFFER:  If you purchase the 6 months Subscription for the Weekly Bible Reading Worksheets, along with the Examining The Scriptures Daily Text Book, you will receive 10% OFF the original price.  Please do this by purchasing the bundle which will be available on the Bible Reading or English section on my website. 
If you choose not to get the subscription, Weekly Bible Reading Worksheets are also available for purchase each month.
Please note:   All my products are for use by your family only.  If others would like my products, please direct them to my website. 

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Being printed in black & white not only makes it cheaper to print but gives children the opportunity to add to the pictures or to color them in.

Please note that these notebooks are in PDF FORM ONLY. These are not a physical product and so there will be no product shipped to you. Upon purchase you will get a link to download your PDF notebooks. You can download these immediately and print off as many copies for yourself and your family at your leisure. The PDF files come in a ZIP file. Please open the ZIP file to get your purchase. You have the choice of printing the full size or the smaller half size. 
(PDF does not print from an ipad / tablet, only a computer). To make the half size, print on one side, cut the paper in half and then put them in page order.

Please do not share this PDF file with your friends, instead please direct them to the website where they can purchase their own.

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