PDF ENGLISH Daily Text Notebook 2021

PDF ENGLISH Daily Text Notebook 2021

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Daily Text Notebook 2021 Write out the scriptures for the JW Examining The Scriptures Daily
What better way for your children to start their day, than to write the scripture for the daily text? If you write something down, you are far more likely to remember it, so by the end of the year, your child will have learnt 365 scriptures.
At the end of the notebook, your child will receive a certificate for completing all the scriptures.
This is a PDF for you to print for yourself (no physical book is sent out).
There are 96 pages (but you can print double sided so it ends up being 48 pages).
The pages are lined to encourage your child to write neatly. Your child can do print or cursive.
I had mine spiral bound into a book to make them easier to use or you can just put into a folder.

Please do not pass on the PDF to others, but feel free to print as many as you need for your own family or for gifts.

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