2022 /23 Assembly Notebooks

for the whole family

Including: Dutch & Spanish


  • JW Kids Activity Booklet for door to door work
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  • Card for September Bible Study Campaign for JW Children
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  • 2-6yo Pursue Peace JW Convention Activity book for kids 2022
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  • 6-12yo Pursue Peace JW Convention Activity Book 2022
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Why Use Our Convention & Assembly Notebooks?

We provide many languages


We just adore all the work you do and the effort you put into your products. Between our family we used all 3 sets of age group sheets. They especially help my 11yo who gets distracted easily to follow along


I love that they are in Black & White and that she makes the PDF in half sheets or a full sheet of paper. I also love all the different languages. Thanks for your hard work and for making it easy. My kids loved it this past weekend at assembly. 


This is such a great tool at a great price!!! I can teach my son to read and learn from the Bible in a very fun way. Thank you for putting this together at such an affordable price 😊 


This was so great for our 1 Day Circuit Assembly. My two children enjoyed it throughout the day. EVERYTHING tied into the program. It was such a great way to keep the focused on something while still learning about Jehovah.  


Love them! I’ve been using the Bible reading worksheets as part of the kids meeting prep for over a year now and they are great . Please keep making them! Thank you! 


My 4 year daughter doesn't keep up with anything except her Meeting Book. She feels that it is especially for her and keeps her interests. My daughters 10 & 7 feel that this notetaker really helps them to stay on track during the meetings. Thank you so much.