Our Notebooks

Keep your children occupied during the convention while at the same time learning something about every talk.  

The notebook designed for 6-13 year old, has word searches, crosswords, fill in the gaps, hieroglyphics, unscramble words, drawings to complete and more.
It is printed in black ink instead of color, which makes it cost a lot less to print and gives many opportunities for coloring in or adding to the drawings.

The activity book for 3-5 year old has many pages that your little one will love and will help them learn more about Jehovah, while at the same time keeping them occupied so you can listen to the talks.

The teenager / adult notebook has the name of the talk on every page and scriptures in the program are typed in full to save you writing them out.  Every page has a little drawing included to make it more appealing.

All books come as a PDF (no physical book sent out) so you can print as many copies as you like for your own family (friends will need to purchase their own).