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FREE PDF Zoom Activity Sheet

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Zoom meetings have become a big part of our lives because of COVID19.  This made me  want to create something to help families keep their young children happily occupied during the meetings.  
This zoom activity sheet has been made to look like a laptop computer. 
Your child can trace the numbers and letters.  They can draw people in the boxes, just like they see them during a zoom meeting. (You might even like to glue it to cardboard, such as from a cereal box, and bend it to make it into a mini kids laptop).  
I really hope your family enjoys using this activity sheet.  Please be sure to tell your friends that they too can get a copy by going to my website:

Being printed in black & white not only makes it cheaper to print but gives children the opportunity to add to the pictures or to color them in.

Please note that these notebooks are in PDF FORM ONLY. These are not a physical product and so there will be no product shipped to you. Upon purchase you will get a link to download your PDF notebooks. You can download these immediately and print off as many copies for yourself and your family at your leisure. The PDF files come in a ZIP file. Please open the ZIP file to get your purchase. You have the choice of printing the full size or the smaller half size.
(PDF does not print from an ipad / tablet, only a computer). To make the half size, print on one side, cut the paper in half and then put them in page order.

Please do not share this PDF file with your friends, instead please direct them to the website where they can purchase their own.

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