Handwriting Songs from Kingdom Songbook for kids PDF

Handwriting Songs from Kingdom Songbook for kids PDF

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12 pages of Handwriting Kingdom Songs worksheets for children to trace and copy.

Every page has a picture related to the song, to make learning and memorizing the songs more enjoyable.

I am a homeschooling parent, so find these worksheets of great value to include in my children's schoolwork, but of course, all JW parents see the benefits of our children learning our songs, and writing them down will help your children retain what they learn so much better. These worksheets could be great to include in your Family Worship and then you can sing the song together as a family.

I also have available Handwriting worksheets for the:
Scriptures and
Bible facts to learn, such as Fruitage of the Spirit, Name of 12 Apostles, Books of the Bible, Animals in the Bible etc.
If you purchase all three sets, you will be able to get them at a discounted price (see 3 set offer).

You might also like to look at the listing for "Worksheets" for children to fill out while at the meeting. They are a great help in getting children to follow along in the meeting, stay focused and enjoy the meetings more.

Being printed in black & white not only makes it cheaper to print but gives children the opportunity to add to the pictures or to color them in.

Please note that these notebooks are in PDF FORM ONLY. These are not a physical product and so there will be no product shipped to you. Upon purchase you will get a link to download your PDF notebooks. You can download these immediately and print off as many copies for yourself and your family at your leisure. The PDF files come in a ZIP file. Please open the ZIP file to get your purchase. You have the choice of printing the full size or the smaller half size. 
(PDF does not print from an ipad / tablet, only a computer). To make the half size, print on one side, cut the paper in half and then put them in page order.

Please do not share this PDF file with your friends, instead please direct them to the website where they can purchase their own.

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